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Pictured are members of our Knights of Columbus
and Ushers

Altar Server
St. John's Cathedral has 10 masses every weekend, 5 masses in English and 5 masses in Spanish. Altar servers are needed at each of these masses. 
We welcome boys and girls who have made their First Communion to consider becoming an alter server. Parents, your child may feel a calling from the Lord to become an alter server.
If you would like more information, please contact the Church office at (559) 485-6210

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Join us Tuesdays the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and adored after our 12:10 pm Mass and ends with Benediction at 6:00 pm.

Altar Society
To preserve and maintain the altar and sanctuary of St. John's Cathedral in accordance with the teachings and doctrine of the Catholic Church. To foster love for the House of God, and to labor for its proper adornment and cleanliness. To participate as an organization in special events fund raising activities, and as needed to support St. John's Cathedral's mission to the community, as approved by the Altar Society membership. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all of you to join St. John's Altar Society. 
Inquiries may be directed as follows:
Rectory (559) 485-6210
St. John's Cathedral's Altar Society was established in 1898 at St. John the Baptist Church to foster love for the house of God, and to labor for its proper adornment and cleanliness; to promote frequent attendance at Mass and the reception of Holy Communion; to study and constantly grow in understanding of the worship practices of the church: to take care of the immediate needs of the altar, and to render assistance to the pastor when necessary, and as a society, to enjoy the parish. 

Baptism Preparation
Preparing parents for the formation of their child’s faith. If interested please contact the parish office at Phone: (559) 485-6210 or fill out the volunteer form.

Catholic Daughters Of The Americas
Court #2526

The Catholic Daughters from St. John's Cathedral strive to participate in religious and charitable activities that support our Pastor, Church and Community. We welcome women who bring their talents and share them in meaningful ways with the organization. These talents are used to create programs, activities and also help us to grow spiritually. "The Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace the principle of faith working through love in the promotion of justice, equality and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all." With annual fundraisers we are able to donate generously to several charitable causes and also provide funds to our Seminarians. We are a busy organization always looking for ways to raise funds for the continuation of our charitable work. As sisters of Christ under the guidance of our Blessed Mother, the Patroness of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, we are able to dedicate ourselves to the principles of "Unity and Charity" the order's motto. We meet monthly on the 4th Sunday of the month after the 9 a.m. Mass. All Catholic women 18 yrs of age and older are invited to join us in fellowship.

Eucharistic Minister
Extraordinary Ministers of Communion who serve the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass and to the sick and homebound.
If interested please contact the parish office at Phone: (559) 485-6210 or fill out the volunteer form. Eucharistic Ministers are commissioned to administer the Body and Blood of Christ at the Liturgy of the Eucharist, with taking communion to the sick in their homes and in the hospital. In accord with diocesan policy, Eucharistic Ministers must be approved by the pastor and specially trained in this ministry. Candidates must be baptized and confirmed adults, married in the church, and in good standing in the parish community. In preparation candidates will attend a workshop to review the function and duties as a Eucharistic Minister. It is highly recommended that Eucharistic Minister’s enhance their knowledge of Scripture, early Church history, Vatican II Documents, and local church practical considerations. 
For more information about these ministries, contact Sr. Rosalie Rohrer, IHM at St. John's Cathedral, (559) 485-6210

The reader is responsible for proclaiming the readings during the Liturgy of the Word.
Proclaiming the Word of God is such an integral part of the Liturgy. It is imperative that the reader be able to function effectively. In preparation, candidates attend a workshop designed not only to familiarize them with the liturgical documents but also to prepare them for the practical nature of the task. This includes, but is not limited to, pronunciation, voice quality, the use of the microphone, diction, pausing and eye contact.

Finance Council
Advises the Pastor on financial matters of the parish and school. Responsible for monitoring all income and expenses, and approving the annual budgets.

Guadalupe Society 
Organized in 1955, the St. John's Cathedral Guadalupe Society is dedicated to honoring God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (the Holy Trinity) by uniting its members in faith and through prayer, devotion and the glorification of Mary, the Most Holy Virgin, under the name of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas." Throughout the year, society members actively pursue the organization's goals of promoting cultural, social and moral growth through the spiritual betterment of its members within doctrine of our Catholic and Apostolic Church. In that manner, members are also able to evangelize within our community, which is a primary objective of the Guadalupana vocation.

Guadalupe Societies from throughout the Fresno Catholic Diocese, the St. John's Guadalupe Society promotes the Holy and colorful culture of Our Lady of Guadalupe throughout the year. In that manner, people are able to share in the awareness and joy of the miraculous apparitions of the Holy Virgin that took place from December 9 through 12 of the year 1531 in the mountain of El Tepeyac in Central Mexico. Included in its numerous pro spiritual endeavors, the St. John's Guadalupe Society annually organizes and sponsors "las mananitas a la Virgen," the annual December 12th celebration that commemorates the day the Virgin's Holy Image appeared in the wrap belonging to Juan Diego, the Aztec man who was anointed the honor of seeing and conversing with the Holy Mother of God.

Annually, an integral part of the Society's many tasks is ability to organize and conduct fund raising events needed to assist St. John's Cathedral and to pay for its extensive spiritual and community involvement. That includes, but is not limited to, assisting the needy, visiting the poor and spreading the word of God in our community.

Over its many years of ministries, the St. John's Guadalupe Society has assisted St. John's Cathedral in all areas of need. As Guadalupanos, we strive to do all we can to bring about the betterment of St. John's Cathedral, its congregation and our members as well as our Catholic community at large. We are proud to be Guadalupanos and to be one of the many ministries that call St. John's Cathedral our church!


Grupo de Estudio de Biblia
"La Montana"

Juntas cada viernes a las 8:45 a.m. en el Sótano de Catedral.
El Grupo de Estudio de Biblia "La Montana" es un grupo de estudio de Biblia y de oración que este compuesto principalmente de personas que están en proceso de recuperación de adicciones, tanto de alcohol como de drogas. Pero cualquier persona del público en general puede participar son bienvenidas. Las sesiones son en español. Las personas que asisten a los programas de doce pasos se benefician enormemente cuando complementan su caminar en la recuperación con la asistencia a la Iglesia y la participación en los Sacramentos.

Este grupo "La Montana" contribuye de una manera eficaz a que la persona adquiera un mejor conocimiento de su Fe, y provee un ambiente seguro y de apoyo, porque la mayoría que asiste, milita en grupos de recuperación como A.A. Seguimos La guía del programa de Estudio De la Biblia de Little Rock. Este programa divide por segmentos varios libras de las Sagradas Escrituras y provee un fundamento básico de evangelización, de oración, y de estudio. Estos son algunos ejemplos de temas que hemos visto son: introducción a la Biblia, Evangelios de Marcos, Lucas, Mateo y Juan, Cartas Paulinas en Cautividad. Cada segmento usualmente dura un par de meses y se compone de un texto de estudio y ejercicios con preguntas. Cada miembro estudia y contesta el ejercicio y comparte sus opiniones con los demás en el grupo.

Pictured are members of "La Montana" Bible Study


Grupo Juvenil Génesis 
El Grupo Juvenil Génesis es un grupo desertado para jóvenes entre los 14-17 años de edad, y doneo para aquellos que nunca han participado en un grupo Juvenil. Se les ensena principalmente a tener amor a Dios, al prójimo y ser mejores personas, tanto en su vida diaria, como en su vida spiritual. Nuestro grupo fue fundado en 1993 por jóvenes de Catedral que quisieron que hubiera un grupo juvenil en español. Desde ese entonces, Génesis ha logrado continuar sin interrupción por los últimos 21 años. Nuestra meta principal de Génesis es que el grupo pueda proveer un espacio para que los jóvenes se alimenten espiritualmente y puedan madurar en su fe. También involucrar a nuestros jóvenes en actividades de desarrollo social y a ser más activos en nuestra parroquia, llevar acabo nuestro retiro anual, participar en las olimpiadas Juveniles, y también desarrollar las obras teatrales del Viacrucis/Pastorela. Siempre estamos en busca de nuevos miembros para nuestro grupo, y cada vez que vienen a Génesis, a alguien que los recibirá con un saludo de manos y una sonrisa y para decides "bienvenido(a) a génesis". En el grupo, siempre hay tiempo para conocer nuevos amigos, pero principalmente, para aprender mas de Dios! 

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus from St. John's Cathedral are looking for a few good men 18 yrs of age and up who are in full communion with the Catholic Church. Meaning that they are either single or married (married through the Catholic Church), and have received all their Sacraments.

We are in solidarity with the Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Pope. We are in full accordance with the teachings of Holy Mother the Church. Pope John Paul II once stated that, "the greatest joy and consolation the Knights bring to the heart of the Pope are the results of all that you are doing to protect the Christian family and the right to life from conception until death, to promote evangelization, Catholic education, parish life and vocations to the Priesthood and religious life." The Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic Men's Fraternal Organization in the world. The Order has over 1.5 million members scattered all over the United States and the world.

Lazarus Ministry 
Grief is a complex process, unique to each individual, based on personality type, circumstances of death. We support our pastor at St. John's Cathedral by:  

A. Offering our condolences by telephone on       behalf of our priests and St. John's parishioners.

B. Try to answer any questions they may have regarding the funeral process.

C. Comfort the sorrowful in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

D. Give spiritual support of the Catholic Church, to those who have lost a loved one by praying the rosary at the funeral home.

F. We offer a Memorial Mass a year after a person has died and has been buried through St. John's Cathedral.

This Mass is rotated throughout the different Liturgy on the 3rd weekend of the month.

Legion de Maria 
La legión de María es una organización apostólica de laicos en la Iglesia Católica con cerca de cuatro millones de miembros activos y más de siete millones de auxiliareis en el mundo, nació en Dublín, Irlanda el 7 de septiembre de 1921.

QUIENES PUDEN PERTENECER? TODOS CATOLICO que practique fielmente su religión y desee ser útil a la Iglesia y a la sociedad, y que esté dispuesto a cumplir las normas funcionales de la asociación. La Legión de María es para todos y representa el auténtico catolicismo. Solo exige gana de darse a los demás.

QUE HACEN? Orar y trabajar apostólicamente . Funciona con reuniones semanales de grupos, donde se ora, se revisa la activada apostólica, y se estudian temas formativos para hacer mas eficaz el apostolado.

FINALIDAD: La Legión de María tiene como fin la gloria de Dios por medio de la santificación personal de sus propios miembros mediante la oración y la colaboración activa-bajo la dirección de la jerarquía la obra de la Iglesia y de María.

Music Ministry
Join together in song, under the talented direction of our choir director. Rehearsals will be announced soon. 
Psalm 27:6:
"I will sing and make music to the Lord"

Music allows us to worship Our Creator using song, scripture, prayer, and praise. At the heart of Catholic worship, our songs and hymns are a treasure house of wisdom and beauty. They express praise, wonder, and awe. They contemplate the majesty, the mystery, and the mercy of God; while expressing the depth of our response to God. Music comes from God and God lives in the heart; therefore express your heart through singing! We invite you to further enhance the beauty of our existing English and Spanish choirs' voices; encourage a greater response from the assembly and draw all into joyful songs of praise!

Offertory Counters
A group that counts the funds collected at Mass each week. Each group volunteers about once a month.

Parish Pastoral Council
The PPC is involved in most activities and programs effecting the liturgical and spiritual life of St. John's Cathedral.

Pilares de Fe
"Estoy convencido que este movimiento es un componente muy importante en toda Ia renovaci6n de Ia Iglesia." -Juan Pablo II
La renovaci6n del Espiritu Santo es una corriente de gracia que busca mantener viva Ia experiencia del pentecostes a partir del bautismo en el espiritu. Nuestra misi6n es ayudar a que Ia Renovaci6n Carismatica en el Espiritu Begue a nuestras comunidades, y asi sus vidas sean tocadas por Ia presencia del Espiritu Santo y como resultado su fe sea fortalecida. Nos reunimos semanalmente para alabar, adorar y bendecir a! Senor, leer las escrituras y compartir nuestros testimonios. Pilares De Fe, organiza retiros carismaticos de predicaci6n y alabanza. Predicadores nos visitan para compartir Ia palabra de Dios y sus experiencias bacia su renovaci6n espiritual. Trabajos misioneros de Pilares de Fe, son participar en las comunidades. Llevandolos a los indigentes, tambien asistimos a hospitales a llevar Ia palabra de Dios a los enfermos. Entre otros, acudimos a hogares en nuestras comunidades donde las familias que se encuentran alejadas de Dios y que han perdido Ia Fe de oracion. Le invitamos todos los viemes a Ia 7 de Ia tarde en el s6tano de Ia Catedral de San Juan. Conozca las bendiciones, las sanaciones, y liberaciones que el Espiritu Santo ha derramado en nuestro gmpo atreves de nuestras oraciones. Venga a fortalecer su espiritu, a aprender Ia palabra de Dios recibir las bendiciones que Dios tiene para usted.
Estas cordialmente invitado!!!!

R.C.I.A. & Sacramental Prep
Religious Catechetical Instruction for Adults R.C.I.A. is for Adults who wish to receive the Sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist (First Communion). It is also for anyone wanting to learn more about the Catholic Christian faith and any catholic wishing to sponsor someone into their Church community. We also have a Confirmation and Eucharist class for those who have been baptized but need these initiation sacraments. If interested you may contact the parish office.

E1 grupo de Recolección es un grupo para jóvenes mayores de 18 años. El propósito del grupo es atraer a más jóvenes católicos a practicar su fe. Nuestra fe al Señor se demuestra atraves del servicio comunitario, y del servicio en el grupo. Nuestro grupo tiene dos retiros al año. El retiro consta de tres días de encierro, donde aprendemos más de nuestra fe católica.
Nos reunimos el primer Viernes de cada mes de 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm, mass informacion llamar a Eduardo Xinol (559) 430-9090

Religious Education Program
This program is where the Transmission of Faith takes place. This is 2 (consecutive) year program for students in 2nd through 7th grade that have not completed their Sacraments of Baptism and First Holy Communion. The student will meet once a week for an hour and a half to learn about Sacrament that they will be receiving. First year is Reconciliation and the second year is Holy Eucharist. For any student that has not yet been Baptized, they will receive the Sacrament of Baptism which washes away their Original Sin and makes them a member of God's family. It is encouraged to study prayers at home, for the Catechist are here to teach them about the Sacrament and transmit the Faith. These are crucial times in their lives. Where many people seek their vocations at a very young age, especially through the sacraments. What will your vocation be? Please call the office for information (559) 485-0161

An USHER is a person chosen to reflect the gift of-a Christ-like attitude. Ushers areusually the first official representative of the church that people meet when they arrive. Their dress, attitude, words, demeanor, and body language all speak a message to the person arriving at church. The usher is part of the hospitality ministry of the Catholic Church. Ushers must be regular members of the congregation. More information please call parish office; 559-458-6210




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